Curling Back in Time

Curling was probably invented in Scotland in the 16th century in medieval times and in its early days was played on frozen ponds or lochs. Its nickname The Roaring Game originates from the rumbling sound the granite stones make while traveling over the ice.

The world’s oldest curling stone is now kept in The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling. In 1924, eight curlers for men’s team represented Great Britain for the first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France where Great Britain defeated Sweden and France.

Curling was a minority sport until it got an enormous publicity boost when the British Women’s team (all Scots) won the Gold medal the 2002 Winter Olympics and a bronze in 2014. Scottish teams took gold in the men’s world championship in 2006 and 2009; in the women’s world championship in 2013; and in the mixed world championship in 2017. Curling news quickly spread throughout the world and with a steady step, it became a sport that captured the hearts of many curling enthusiasts.

Curling as a Betting Option

As time passed, people started to get interested in placing bets on curling, and that became a popular trend in the sports betting industry. At first, it became a thing in the land-based sportsbooks, and later, online sports betting platforms also started taking over the betting scene.

Bettors now have a variety of curling events and competitions to choose from and varieties of bets, ranging from the winner of a single match to the total number of points scored in a tournament.

Dedicated curling bettors can add reviews of all the latest sites and share their experiences with fellow curling fans, helping to create a strong and informed community within the world of curling betting.

Safeway Neepawa in Manitoba is one of the most enthusiastic curling championship for the Manitoba territory and Safeway Brandon mb is one of the clubs in which extensive curling practice is happening on a regular basis. Charlswood Safeway mon is also a known place where training for the Safeway Neepawa takes place. For more information about the Safeway Championship you can visit the Safeway official site.

Curling World Records

The World Curling Championships are organized by the World Curling Federation. The men’s championship started in 1959, the women’s in 1979 and the mixed doubles in 2008.

There are also junior and senior championships and world championship for wheelchair curling. All of Canada, The USA, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and China have won at least one championship. A great share of interetsing curling news is about Eigil Ramsfjell who has won 9 medals at the World Curling Championships; three gold, two silver and four bronze medals. Curling news about other champions in the world are always available the he best sports sites on the net.

The Best Curling Players in the World

The following famous Olympians are regarded as some of the most talented curling players to have ever competed for gold medals and earned a spot on this list.


  • Kevin Martin known as K-Mart-the World’s member of Hall of Fame is an Olympic, world and four- times Canadian Champion
  • Jenifer Judith Jones – Canadian Olympic Champion and the first female Skip to go through the Games undefeated
  • Eve Muirhead – 2013 World Champion from Scotland
  • Marc Kennedy – Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Former World Champion Vickey Chalmers playing second has retired from her sporting career at the age of 29


You can find a lot more interesting curling news about any famous curler at

Upcoming Events

Here is the upcoming curling news on events worldwide:

  • WORLD Mixed Curling Championship 2019(discover more curling news on this open event from
  • Oct 12, 2019 – Oct 19, 2019; Aberdeen, Scotland (curling news about this event available on Scotland’s official curling site)
  • Le Gruyere AOP European Curling Championships 2019

Full results and current curling news from these championships can be found on Twitter and Instagram (@WorldCurling)


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Other Popular Sports in Canada

Canada is a country that fosters the most spectacular sports and a wide variety of games. The most popular sports are lacrosse, ice hockey, gridiron football, soccer, basketball and of course curling.

We promise to keep you updated on the latest curling news and other popular sports. Stay tuned.