Stoughton Earns 2015 Safeway Championship Berth - Safeway Championship

Stoughton Earns 2015 Safeway Championship Berth

Jeff Stoughton and his Charleswood team (Rob Fowler, Alex Forrest, Connor Njegovan) rode a pair of exceptional late-end Stoughton shots to victory over Trevor Loreth-Granite in a Winnipeg A-Side berth game Sunday afternoon. Trailing by 3 with last rock on the ninth end, Loreth built an end with rocks buried behind wide corner guards. While Stoughton had shot rock in the four foot, those wide counters suggested the possibility of a big end. Loreth, throwing third stones as always, drew his last stone behind a counter and after some deliberation Stoughton threw a big-weight runback double kill to end the momentum that was building. The Loreth foursome posted a deuce to trail by one coming home. Another well played end suggested Loreth had a possible steal building because he had a rock perfectly frozen to a Stoughton shot-rock on the button. Stoughton, with his first rock, drew around a Loreth short guard to touch the centre line and complicate the planned last rock runback attempt. The defending champion skip did not have to throw his final rock in posting an 8-6 win. Loreth and his team re-grouped from the loss to post a B-Side victory over Rob Atkins-Pembina and join Stoughton in Brandon. William Kuran and his Granite team (Taylor Mcintyre, Riley Smith and Jared Hancox) defeated Kyle Foster-Fort Rouge (6-3) to win the second A-Side berth. The other two B-Side berths were won by Kyle Foster-Fort Rouge and junior champion Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge.

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