Lyburn Team Wins Neepawa Safeway Berth Spiel - Safeway Championship

Lyburn Team Wins Neepawa Safeway Berth Spiel

William Lyburn - Granite (Richard Daneault, Andrew Irving, Daniel Gagne) has won an invitation to compete in the Safeway Championship in Brandon in February. Lyburn defeated Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall 6-5 in the championship of the Safeway Berth Bonspiel underway in Neepawa. Team Lyburn joins Mike McEwen and Matt Dunstone's Junior team as the first teams qualfied to play in the Safeway Championship In the semifinals, Lyburn scored a pair of four enders to post a 10-3 win over Kelly Marnoch and Kolomaya came from behind, down 5-2 after six ends, to defeat Kelly Robertson 7-5.

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